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Despite plans life can catch you out............

These have been difficult times for us all. Different rules, laws and guidance throughout the four lands that compose the United Kingdom have caused confusion, distress and mistrust. I say this because Tubby and I may have broken the strict rules of the law during Easter week. However I do not apologise as what we did, was done with the very best of intentions and with the utmost regard to the safety and wellbeing of others. At the beginning of Easter week we received news that Alastair's sole surviving uncle who was stricken with terminal lung cancer, was about to be taken to hospital for his last days. Uncle Tommy built the house in which he lived and had been there for 20+ years. It was his final wish to die in his home. His only close relative wasn't available as his son lives in Spain. So the morning that Uncle Tommy was due to be taken to the hospice (ambulance on its way) we received a call from good friends to say he was very distressed as he understood they were taking him away against his wishes. No one was available to ensure that he stayed in his home and so Tubby went. I followed the next day with dawg and we stayed with Uncle Tommy until his demise, peacefully and pain free 5 days later. Of course we had great care when we returned home to isolate so as not to endanger friends here. RIP Uncle Tommy, amazing golfer, fine friend and rascal it has to be said. Uncle Tommy lived on the mainland, on the edge of Rannoch Moor in the divine village of Kinloch Rannoch, on the edge of the loch. We were blessed with stunning spring weather.

The weather in our corner of paradise has been a very mixed bag recently, you know what is said about all seasons in one day? Well we have had them every day! Snow, cloud, hail, cloud, blue skies, hail, cloud, blue skies, snow etc etc Oh and there was one day of rain but mostly it has been too cold for rain it comes down frozen!! The daffys have been so brave and withstood the weather as have the hyacinths and grape hyacinths and a plucky wee clutch of primroses....................

What I am so looking forward to is the arrival of these girls............... Oh it has been a long time coming to have Rosie and Darcie with us and we can't wait, mid-May transport is booked to bring them on the loooooooong journey north.

And looking at having our girls with us we are also planning other livestock.................. WATCH THIS SPACE. Chickens for sure, already have dawg, felines, Tubby Hubby et Moi! So what else shall we get to share our Misty Isle home with us. Well................. news to come Hope everyone has a great week xxx

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