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Here we have the very first post on the blog that is to become the history of An Taigh Ur, Isle of Skye, the Misty Isle.

Alastair and I arrived at 01.13 on 06 February 2021. The twelve and a half hour drive was interesting. Two cars, his loaded to the top and beyond including a roof box with the final detritus of 30 years in one home. Mine loaded with three cats and one rather large dog. Cats couldn't all be in one crate as one is a trouble maker so two crates and as we hauled our way up the M6 the whimpering from the poor dawg in the back alerted me to the fact that the trouble maker cat was clawing him through the cage bars. Not much one can do about that when travelling on a motorway!!! Suffice to say the journey was traumatic and somewhat exhausting for all..............

Our final day at Prune Farm Cottage was stressful in the extreme. The beautiful north Buckinghamshire countryside that enticed me to buy PFC on 05 May 1991 has been all but destroyed. The mass burn waste incinerator, followed by HS2, followed by EWR and seemingly now followed by proposals to build an enormous new prison, has and is ruining the lovely place I was once privileged to call my glorious, peaceful, rural family home. Not that this is the reason to move. As Scots we always intended to return home once the 'children' were all grown and going their own way. But inevitably, much though we love and are blessed and grateful to have our new home, 30 years of memories, of children growing, of parents lost, creates a sadness. 'Parting is such sweet sorrow............' And yet once clear of beautiful Buckinghamshire and with our sights set for north there was no looking back. New memories to be made, new adventures to be had, new lives to live................................

And because this is about us and those of you who know us understand our spontaneity, the excitement in our new lives (north of the wall) started from about day one............ more to follow.

Hope everyone is staying safe and well in what continue

to be difficult times.

Picture of one of our glorious walks with the Isles of Harris and Lewis in the distance over the sea.

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