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Six weeks in................

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

...........and life is starting to settle. The kitchen, wrecked before we ever arrived by a burst water joint under the sink, has now been replaced by Tubby Hubby with his usual skill. That has been a difficult time, this cabin has, for the last 5 1/2 years been a very comfortable holiday home but living somewhere fulltime is a very different matter. One just needs so MUCH MORE STUFF! and with the kitchen out of action we spent the first 3 weeks tripping over the cats, the dawg, all the boxes of STUFF, Tubby's tools and each other. Very good job we are pals as this place ain't big and it could have ended badly........... LOL!

I think that finally I have been able to squeeze as much stuff as required into our wee cabin home in such a way that it works for us to live in and we still have a spare room for guests. Not to mention the sofa bed which is manageable for the youngsters, our old bones don't cope too well.

The Cats. Well there is a story for you. They are 3 almost identical black girls, mum and two daughters. Never lived anywhere apart from rural Bucks and they are part feral (and somewhat dodgy as the daughters' father is also their grandfather ooooops! A local feral tom who was very active) and so transporting them up was interesting and I was rather anxious about letting them out too soon. However they have started to venture out and go a- wandering and know to come back here so I think that one is cracked.

The Horses. They are still in the Bedfordshire home and the intention was to get them bussed up in May. Really looking forward to that as it will be so lovely to have them near, especially the youngster, Rosie, who is the sweetest and wisest equine I have known.

Slowly spring is starting on its way even here in the frozen north............. looking forward to seeing true colour in the hedgerows and fields again.

So while I write I need to offer an apology to everyone who has commented on the first blog post. I have replied to each and every comment but we have recently discovered a glitch in the website and none of my comments can be seen. The tech support team (!) is working on it, meanwhile please accept apologies but do not stop messaging as I really love reading them xxxxx Hopefully the tech team (!!!!) will manage to resolve this issue shortly and then this can be a truly interactive site where Tubby and I may interact with you.

There are lots of plans afoot so please watch this space .............. shortly we will be announcing all the stuff we have been organising since our arrival to permanent residence on this beautiful Misty Isle. And now we are settled I will have time to update you all on northern island fun more often.

Hope everyone is staying safe and well and looking forward to release from lockdown sooooon. We are certainly looking forward to seeing many of you up here xxxx

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