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Somewhat delayed next post !!!!!

Hello dear friends, so much for a post on 25 April that promised an update of our plans the following week!!!!! I am SO SORRY this is somewhat later than the following week. However much of excitement has happened this summer and we have been so busy there has been little/no time to keep you all updated. Now life is on a more even keel normal service will be resumed and hopefully you haven't all deserted me and will continue following my blog :) Before I update you with our news I should just like to thank all the dear friends who, over the last few months, have messaged to check on our welfare as they have been concerned about the lack of communication. All is well here just uber busy.

So what do you do when you live in paradise and have great plans to expand and build a business? Why you buy another croft of course!!! 3 days after arriving here at the beginning of February we heard through the grapevine courtesy of local neighbours (not Gladys Knight and the Pips) that a croft of 12.5 acres across the valley from us was coming to the market. That croft is exactly opposite ours at An Taigh Ur, just over the river. Already established with a 'Shepherds Hut' holiday rental unit, sleeping two; well fenced fields for my ponies; an excellent and big shed with one end set up for chickens; also an enormous watertight agricultural barn. Included in the deal was a de-crofted building plot with active planning permission for a two bed bungalow and pp for a second Shepherds Hut. And so we bought it and included was a big polytunnel and a hot tub set in the 3 sided roofed building where the beauty of the island and its wildlife could be enjoyed over a glass of bubbly whilst enjoying the bubbles of the hot tub.

Given that the fields at An Taigh Ur need completely fencing I had been unable to move up my ponies. The new croft allowed me to do this as the fields were already fenced. My two ponies down south were Rosie, a 7 yr old Appaloosa mare who has been a family member since she was 6months and Darcey an English Sport Horse mare who had been in our family for four years. Very sadly in May, Darcey had to be put to sleep due to contracting a very painful condition called laminitis that attacked horses over the country this spring, very seriously, due to grazing conditions. We were left with Rosie who couldn't be moved up until I could find companions for her. Horses are herd creatures and as with all herd breeds it is cruel to keep horses without companions of their own species. I trawled the local FB groups looking for a companion for my Rosie as I was very eager to bring her home. It was then I discovered Eriskay ponies who are the oldest breed of native Hebridean pony, basically they can be traced right back to early humans. They are now on the critically endangered list and as dawg is from a very vulnerable breed it appealed to me to help this breed establish strongly again. Long story short we bought a couple of wee rascals. These ponies were used by crofters in centuries past to carry crofters, transport 'stuff' and were generally the work horses and 'mechanics' of a croft long before 'mechanics' existed. They were what allowed and helped crofters to function. We are now down to 500 worldwide of these adorable and feisty wee creatures. So we decided to join the breeding programme to save this lovely breed and purchased St Kilda a yearling filly (the darker of the two wee ponies in the pics) from whom I shall eventually breed to assist in the survival of the breed. Also a wee boy rascal called Colonsay. A mighty midget, grey in colour, very pretty, adorable but VERY opinionated! So finally I was able to relocate my darling Rosie, the light of my equine life. All three came home. Lots of pics below..........................

And then there have been many new grandchildren, a very successful 2 months holiday rental and the chooks and their eggs............. watch this space, I promise that the posts from now on will not be so tardy!

I hope everyone is well and surviving in this new way of life that the virus is creating...................

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